Bear Bones – Jack Cade

'Bear Bones' is the honest, stripped-back new record from Americana singer-songwriter Jack Cade drawing comparisons to the likes of Springsteen and Cash.

Taking a break from his work with The Every Day Sinners, Jack Cade is back with an honest and stripped-back solo record that is well worth getting acquainted with.

The opening track, ‘He Lies On His Side’ tells a tale of awareness of change and realisation of broken dreams, but done without any self-pity. It is also the first single from the record and comes with a creative video that science-fiction fans of a certain age will delight in watching. ‘You Come Running’ explores how it feels to be manipulated in a relationship, while ‘Four Letter Word’ flips the scenario to show how often the manipulator ends up lonely and regretful.

‘Who Will Be The First To Fall’ sounds like a warning to populists, false prophets and politicians everywhere that one day their lies will be exposed and they will pay the consequences. A song for the Brexiteers who threaten to drag their country down a path strewn with lies? ‘Moving On’ is a touching song that celebrates the memories of lost loved ones and how despite their absence they still inspire and lead us in life. With its simple melody and catchy chorus, this could be a crowd-pleasing end of evening song at gigs.

‘Stripped’ is an uplifting rocker that uses a play on words using the record’s title as a metaphor for strength. When hitting a low point and left feeling that everything has been taken away the song reassures the listener that it is only then that true inner strength comes to the fore.

‘Bear Bones’ has a great alt-country sound that mixes good rocking tunes with laid back poignant melodic Americana. Cade has a voice that sounds like the illegitimate offspring of Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, and his strong personal lyrics show empathy with everyday feelings and situations. While sounding deceptively bleak at times, the record delivers an upbeat message of hope and encouragement. Such is the quality and depth of the songwriting and music on this record it could be described as Cade’s very own ‘Nebraska’.

‘Bear Bones’ is released on 5th July 2019 via Collision Music.