Scars – John Kilzer

'Scars' is the brand new album on Archer Records from John Kilzer, an ordained minister with a world-weary voice and a lot to say on his records and off.

 ‘Scars’ is the latest release from Memphis-based John Kilzer, a man whose own history is just as every bit as compelling as the record.

He has dealt with substance abuse, earned a Masters of Divinity from Memphis Theological Seminary, and earned a PhD in religious studies from London’s Middlesex University.  Now the ordained, Reverend Doctor Kilzer runs the recovery ministry at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Memphis.  It is hardly surprising then that his voice sounds wearied and weathered, but he has used all of the above experience to craft this record together.

‘Flatbed Truck’ takes a swipe at consumerism, while ‘The American Blues’ takes a cynical look at modern technology including social media and the so-called better world that users have become entrapped in.

‘Memphis Town’ touches on the unrest in the South over civil war era monuments and urges the listener to look at the rich positive culture of area instead. ‘Scars’ is perhaps the most positive song on the record.  It’s a message, which in the era of Trump and Brexit is more relevant than ever and one that says we can move on from the hurt and find time to heal together.

Kilzer also proves himself adept at writing about the sensitivities and risks involving love and loss as ‘Hello Heart’ and ‘Rope the Moon’ both prove.

John Kilzer is a man blessed with sharp observational skills combined with a lifetime of worldly experience. ‘Scars’ draws on both to deliver a record that encapsulates not only social and political issues in contemporary America, but one that crosses divides, borders and oceans to give understanding to wider audiences.

‘Scars’ is released on 11th January via Archer Records.