Southbound I-95 – JP Soars

Guitarist JP Soars fuses rock and roll, Americana, blues, and soul on his latest record 'Southbound I-95', available now on Soars High Productions.

JP Soars is a well-known guitarist who’s toured with heavy metal bands, won the 2009 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, built his own Cigar box guitars and loves blues music. ‘Southbound I-95’ is his fourth studio record and it is melting pot of musical genres coalescing around the blues.

The funk drenched ‘Sure As Hell Ain’t No Foolin’ Me’ with its wah, wah pedals and brass sound like the perfect soundtrack to a 1970’s police television show. ‘Southbound I-95’ comes across as mash-up between the styles of Duane Eddy, Dick Dale, and 1950s greaser rockabilly. While ‘Ain’t No Dania Beach’ with its slide guitar could sit comfortably on any Allman Brothers album.

There are two fantastic covers on the record that feature guitar solos from guests Jimmy Thackery on Albert King’s ‘When You Walk Out That Door’ and Albert Castigila on Muddy Water’s ‘Deep Down In Florida’.

I like T-Bone Walker, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt, Pete Fountain, Louis Armstrong, Guitar Slim, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf. But at the same time, I also love Willie Nelson, George Jones, Tito Puente, Black Sabbath, and old Metallica. If it moves me, I dig it.

The musical trip continues as ‘Satisfy My Soul” with its catchy chorus and big brass sound takes the listener into Stax Records territory and “Across The Desert” (one of two instrumentals on the record) quite unexpectedly veers off into a dreamy Cuban Bolero landscape.

Soars is a guitar player who plays from the heart and imbues feeling into his work. He’s also careful not over play and can say more by holding one note than many can do in an entire solo. His gruff voice compliments his playing and is the perfect tool that enables him to explore funk, soul, blues, and rock. In ‘Southbound I-95’ Soars has delivered a high octane musical journey that’s vibrant, memorable and fun. A journey that should be shared in good company with a cold beer.

‘Southbound I-95’ is available now on Soars High Productions.