Can You See Me? – Maya Rae

'Can You See Me?' is the brand new record from 18-year-old Canadian vocalist, musician, and songwriter Maya Rae. Check out the video for 'New For Me'.

Can You See Me?

Maya Rae

  • Soul
  • Americana
  • Jazz

  1. Can You See Me?
  2. I Get By
  3. The Sun Will Come Out Again
  4. New For Me
  5. Picture Frame
  6. Storm Leaf
  7. Freedom Fighter
  8. Mountain Angel
  9. Moon Girl
  10. Lonely Ones
  11. Goodnight River
  12. Here (Digital-only bonus track)

'Can You See Me?' is the third album by 18-year-old Maya Rae who started singing jazz at the tender age of 13. Her new record finds her developing her style with growing confidence in her music setting her up for a long and bright career.

Choosing 12 original compositions for the record, Maya Rae, while using her jazz roots as a base mixes styles with ease. With The Birds of Chicago joining her recording sessions, it is no surprise that there are hints of country and Americana on songs such as ‘Moon Girl’ and ‘I Get By’. The swirling synth on ‘The Sun Will Come Out Again’ infuses pop with soul with positive results.

A personal highlight on the record, ‘New for Me’ features strings overlaying a classic soul sound rounded out with a bluesy electric piano solo.

‘Freedom Fighter’ is a classic old school heavy blues song. Rae’s voice is sultry, hinting a maturity beyond her years as she delivers her lines with a surprising rawness alongside some edgy slide guitar.

Uncluttered production by Nashville’s Steve Dawson ensures that both Rae’s vocals and the music work together in unison. Rae’s original compositions with her brother, Gabriel Evan, hint at the influence of artists such as Joni Mitchell, Adele, and The Beatles.

‘Can you See Me?’ is a slick, versatile, and enjoyable record that mixes jazz, Americana, blues, and soul with confidence, highlighting the charm, confidence, and talent of Maya Rae.