Mercury Transit – Taylor Young Band

'Mercury Transit' is the debut record from the Taylor Young Band, laden with catchy hooks, memorable melodies and nods to the likes of Tom Petty and Teenage Fanclub.

Mercury Transit

Taylor Young Band

  • Americana
  • Power Pop

  1. Get Around
  2. Make You Wanna Stay
  3. Shine On Me
  4. Blue Eyed
  5. Rattled
  6. Daze Of The Week
  7. Five Cents
  8. Wrong Place, Wrong Time
  9. Out Of My Mind
  10. Drinkin

Taylor Young broke into the music scene of Dallas, TX as the drummer with psychedelic rockers Hi-Fi Drowning. Stepping out from behind the kit and developing his role as a songwriter and frontman, he co-founded the folk-country band, The O’s. Now, he’s back with ‘Mercury Transit’, his debut release with the Taylor Young Band.

From the outset with the opening salvo of ‘Get Around’, it is clear the album owes more to electric power pop than Americana, yet his music brings both genres together with the same vigour as The Birds, Tom Petty, and there are shades of Teenage Fanclub.

With dreamy harmonies, reverberating guitars, and catchy riffs, highlights on the record include ‘Daze Of The Week’, ‘Drinkin’, ‘Make You Wanna Stay’, and ‘Rattled’.

Big melodies, catchy hooks, ringing guitars, and vibrant toe-tapping beats. ‘Mercury Transit’ is a strong debut album that’s hard not to enjoy.