One Last Kiss – RJ Comer

'One Last Kiss' is the first full-length album from Chicago native RJ Comer. This collection of songs features some of his darkest and best work to date.

‘One Last Kiss’ is the first full long-player from Chicago native RJ Comer. This record follows on from a run of successful EP releases over the last few years.

‘Under A Lover’s Moon’ opens the record with a radio-friendly, alt-country, blues, boogie-based love song. This is followed early on by ‘Let’s Run’, which is again set in the same soundscape.

Where the record gets really interesting is when RJ Comer’s ability to mine the dark side of humanity comes to the fore.

‘If I Could Be Water’ and ‘Bad Day In Paradise’ both give the listener the impression of a lost soul searching to be cleansed of past misdeed or crime and the longing to move on.

‘Cain’s Blood’ highlights the soul-searching of a tortured individual who has to battle with their inner demons to find balance in their life, while ‘House Grown Cold’ broodingly depicts the break up of a relationship.

‘One Last Kiss’ is a complex and multi-layered record put together by an individual who has lived more in one lifetime than most. Violence, addiction, poverty, broken relationships and brushes with salvation are all evident within this semi-autobiographical work.

Produced by Nashville-based Shawn Byrne the record has a raw and earthy feel to it and with RJ Comer’s witty and often gritty vocals it gives the listener an all too eerie live in the room sound.

The effects of personal betrayal by family and friends is explored in the mournful title track ‘One Last Kiss’ which is, without doubt, the standout song of this collection.

The record has a fascinating mix of light and dark subject material contained within, but it is RJ Comer’s darkest material that shines brightest.

‘One Last Kiss’ is released on Friday 15th June on Growling Moon records.