Road to The Blues – Dave Thomas

'Road to The Blues' is the latest exciting release by blues veteran Dave Thomas.

Road to The Blues

Dave Thomas

  • Blues

  1. Road To The Blues
  2. The Lady's Not For Turning
  3. Eye On The Money
  4. Another Girl
  5. Everywhere Man
  6. Leaving San Francisco
  7. Rose Tinted Love
  8. Last Thing
  9. Pretty In Pink
  10. Winnebago Dreaming
  11. After All These Years
  12. Natural State Of Mind
  13. Memphis Tennessee

Internationally renowned bluesman Dave Thomas returns with new album ‘Road to The Blues’. Across the twelve songs on the album, he ably demonstrates both his love and his versatility with the musical genre.

A veteran of the British blues bloom in the 1960’s Thomas has toured, lived and recorded all over the world.  Faced with lockdowns and the pandemic he based himself back in the U.K. and recorded ‘Road to The Blues’.

There’s no better man than Thomas to sing songs about life on the road and on ‘Everywhere Man’ and ‘Leaving San Francisco’ he highlights the emotional effects of touring on a musician.

What is immediately noticeable about the album is that it is a full band affair.  On several songs, Thomas lets other musicians take prominence within the music, underlying his generosity as a musician. Just listen to the spine tingling piano work of James Goodwin on ‘The Lady’s Not for Turning’,  ‘Road to The Blues’ and ‘Another Girl’ while the saxophone playing of Phil Marshall takes centre stage on ‘Eye on The Money’.

Switching tempo on the brooding ‘Last Thing’, simmering organ underpins Thomas’s guitar work and rounding out the album is a folk blues acoustic based re-interpretation of Chuck Berry’s ‘Memphis Tennessee’.

‘The Road to The Blues’ is a fine example of a master craftsman at his work.  Soulful, upbeat and fun with a sound that mixes various blues styles into an album that’s best enjoyed on repeat.