Strange World – Ric Robertson

'Strange World' by Ric Robertson mixes Bowie-like futuristic sounds with the funk and soul of New Orleans on what is a vibrant, enjoyable E.P.

Strange World

Ric Robertson

  • Soul
  • Funk
  • Jazz

  1. You Got Soul
  2. Strange World
  3. Donny B Gone
  4. Louisiana Love Thing

North Carolina native Ric Roberston’s latest offering ‘Strange World’ finds him honing his craft by blending the jazz, soul and funk influences he picked up playing in New Orleans bars with an electric mix of humour, guitars, horns and rhythms to create a sound that’s vibrant and fun.

Featuring the wryness of Dr. John mixed with Sly Stone, ‘Got Soul’ and ‘Louisiana Love Thing’ have a more traditional Southern funk feel to them, while ‘Donny B Gone’ mixes spoken work with grand funk as it delivers a stinging critique of and, sends a stark message to Donald Trump ahead of the upcoming election. The sci-fi infused tale ‘Strange World’ has shades of David Bowie’s ‘Scary Monsters’ across its eclectic sound.

‘Strange World’ is a vibrant release featuring a futuristic yet retro sound that’s a highly infectious listen.