That’s A Fact Jack! – The Kentucky Headhunters

Last year, The Kentucky Headhunters decamped to the studio and laid down the twelve tracks that make up their infectious new record 'That's A Fact, Jack!'

That's A Fact Jack!

The Kentucky Headhunters

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Rock

  1. Gonna Be Alright
  2. How Could I
  3. Watercolors In The Rain
  4. Susannah
  5. Cup Of Tea
  6. We Belong Together
  7. That's A Fact Jack
  8. Lonely Too Long
  9. Heart And Soul
  10. Cheap Tequila
  11. Shotgun Effie
  12. Let's All Get Together And Fight

In 2020, The Kentucky Headhunters watched their tour diary empty as the world went into lockdown. Suddenly, finding time on their hands, they decamped to the studio, and pressure-free, let the music flow naturally which resulted in their 12th studio album, ‘That’s a Fact, Jack!’

Unburdened of time and label constraints the band quickly found their groove and laid down the twelve songs that make up their first release in almost five years.

The style of music varies on the album from the country-rock of ‘Gonna Be Alright’, the Mersey Beat inspired pop of ‘Cup Of Tea’, and the rockabilly sound of ‘Heart And Soul’. The heartfelt ballad ‘Susannah’ takes inspiration from the work of the late Levon Helm of The Band.

‘How Could I’ has all the swagger of a Hony-Tonk bar-room classic. ‘That’s A Fact Jack’ and ‘Shotgun Effie’ are both classic balls-to-the-wall rockers, with the latter finding its roots in the band’s first incarnation as the Itchy Brothers in 1973. Rounding out the record is the tongue-in-cheek country shuffle of ‘Let’s All Get Together And Fight’, providing a hilarious take on southern life at Christmas; a song that definitely should be included on all alternative seasonal playlists.

Containing great guitar-based tunes, catchy lyrics and beats, ‘That’s A Fact, Jack!’ is a storming upbeat record that showcases the best of good time southern rock’n’roll.