The Big Bottle of Joy – Matt Andersen

Returning with one of his best releases to date, 'The Big Bottle of Joy' is the upbeat new album from Matt Andersen.

The Big Bottle of Joy

Matt Andersen

  • Blues
  • Soul

  1. Let It Slide
  2. So Low, Solo
  3. Golden
  4. How Far Will You Go
  5. Aurora
  6. Miss Missing You
  7. What's on My Mind
  8. Keep Holding On
  9. Rollin' Down the Road
  10. Only an Island
  11. Hands of Time
  12. Shoes

For years Matt Andersen has been working as a solo artist and releasing some amazing albums. For 'The Big Bottle of Joy' he has assembled a musical collective that has allowed him to stretch out his sound with delightful results.

Fans of Andersen’s music will know that his music covers a wide base.  Blues, rock, soul and gospel.  ‘The Big Bottle of Joy’ ticks all of the above and more.

Early highlights include the funky blues driven, ‘Let it Slide’, the organ soaked ‘Aurora’ and the catchy ‘So Lo Solo’.

It’s immediately clear to the listener from the above songs  that the band Andersen has assembled fits his style of music perfectly.  Andersen’s vocal soars in the way we are all familiar with, yet the band firmly keep him anchored within the music and the blend of musician and band is perfect.

There’s a gentler side to the album too.  The tenderness in the pain and love explored within ‘Golden’ and ‘Only and Island’ both songs are examples of what a strong songwriter Andersen is when it comes to exploring emotions.

Is ‘The Big Bottle of Joy’ Andersen’s best work yet?  Yes, until he releases his next album.  As an artist he continually releases top quality material and ‘The Big Bottle of Joy’ is another stunning album in a stellar run for the affable Canadian.

Highly recommended.