Trust the Wire – The Coronas

'Trust The Wire' is the fifth studio album from The Coronas. Recorded in rural Ireland, the record has allowed the band to build on their melodic sounds.

Ten years into their career the Coronas have just released their fifth album ‘Trust The Wire’ and show no signs of slowing up.

They’ve been on a successful roll for the last few years honing their live skills with major festival appearances and sell out headline concerts across the country and it is somewhat amazing to think in the middle of all that they’ve found the time to record a new long-player as well.

But find time they did. They took themselves off to an isolated cottage in Ireland along with producer Eliot James best known for his work with Two Door Cinema Club and delivered the goods.

While non-fans probably won’t notice the slight increase in electronic sounds on the record fans will notice the subtle shift in sound that augments the familiar melodic guitar based tunes.

The songwriting is good as ever with ‘We Couldn’t Fake It’ leaping out as a potential crowd favourite with its big chorus.

‘A Bit Withdrawn’ and ‘Real Feel’ are more withdrawn but with melodic guitars and clever rhythms they soon grow and show a potential maturity in the songwriting and production when compared to older material.

The Coronas have a knack for delivering good strong melodic music and maybe five albums in would have been good to see them try something a little bit more adventurous this time and the only failing on the record is the fact that while it does try to go somewhere with the inclusion of Elliot James on production duties it just doesn’t go far enough.

Fear not though. The fans will love it, they’ll sing along at all the shows and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.