The Embers – John Blek

'The Embers' in the fifth release from John Blek in as many years. It follows on from his previous releases in forming a complete set of stunning work.

The Embers

John Blek

  • Folk
  • Americana
  • Pop

  1. Empty Pockets
  2. Death And His Daughter
  3. Ciara Waiting
  4. Flame
  5. Old Hand
  6. Revived
  7. Hell Or High Water
  8. The Haunting
  9. Walls

'The Embers' is the fifth solo release from the affable Co. Cork man in as many years and his creative and productive journey is showing no sign of slowing down. An experienced troubadour, John Blek’s emotive songs captivate the listener as they are lead through a range of emotions and landscapes.

There’s mythical tragedy in ‘Death And His Daughter’ and supernatural grief in ‘The Haunting’, and intense passion within ‘Flame’, while ‘Empty Pockets’ explores the loneliness of a homeless musician who’s always aware yet always on the outside. The positive reassuring message of ‘Revived’ is enhanced by guest vocals from fellow Irish musician Mick Flannery.

Having developed his own individual fingerpicking style, Blek’s guitar work delivers a unique sound that weaves in, out, and around his lyrics forming an integral part of his beautiful melodies. ‘The Embers’ is a beautifully composed record by an artist who continues to enchant and entertain in equal measure.

John Blek plays The American Bar, Belfast on 13th March 2020. Tickets available via Ticketsource.