Shakedown – The Everyday Sinners

Jack Cade and The Everyday Sinners return with a hard-hitting country rock record, a rallying cry for the working man in these turbulent times of 2017.

‘Shakedown’ is the first release from Jack Cade’s collective The Everyday Sinners since 2013’s ‘Lord Of The Empty Manor’. To say it would be an album of the times would be an understatement.

The opening salvo of ‘Same Old Ways’ and ‘Belly Full A Fire’ quickly sets the tone for what is, without doubt, a call to arms for the turbulent times in which we live. The latter of the two is a battle cry against bigotry and hatred.

A cover of Merle Travis’ ‘Sixteen Tons’ sits well on the record as a timely reminder of the current threat to workers and basic human rights in a 21st century where some of our most valued and important workers find themselves using food banks.

Six years since their first record ‘This Fiery Road’ Jack Cade’s band has found a settled line up featuring drummer Adam Perry, bassist Mike Muggeridge, vocalist Helen Muggeridge, keyboardist Chris Davis and Ben Cox-Smith on drobo and guitar.

Utilising their various talents, they’ve delivered a full-blown album of guitar driven passionate country rock music that combined with Cade’s gravel edged voice gives the listener a truly unique experience.

‘You Were The Ammunition’ is a clever take on how fake news can be used to incite misguided views to vote for an ill judged and poorly thought out agenda. Very relevant today given the seismic shifts in voter patterns in the USA and Britain over the last year towards the politics of popularism.

From start to finish the album is a rallying cry for the oppressed and dispossessed. Like Woody Guthrie before him, Jack Cade pulls no punches in his social commentary of current events. Failing politicians, bigotry and racism are rejected and the listener is encouraged to keep fighting against oppression.

This album shows that you don’t need to a multi millionaire rock star like Bono to speak up against the failing right and Jack Cade delivers a heartfelt and powerful protest record with short sharp lyrics combined with punchy tunes topped off with truth and passion.

‘Shakedown’ is released on the 18th August 2017 and we wholeheartedly recommend you order a copy.