Autumn of the World – The Resonant Rogues

'Autumn of the World' is the new album by The Resonant Rogues. It deals with the passing of time and the relationships we make and break along the way.

‘Autumn of the World’ is the third record from The Resonant Rogues and while all the musical ingredients are there from the first two albums this one sees a significant shift in tone away from the carefree attitude portrayed on those previous recordings.

The title track ‘Autumn of the World’ deals with the repercussions of losing a loved one to addiction and the associated feelings of guilt of not being able to help them in their hour of need.

Well what am I to do when my friends decide to use. We’re all grown. I’m only one man’s mom. But it tears the world apart as it sedates your precious heart. And every day could be the one you’re gone. Oh, every day could be the one you’re gone.

‘Maker’s Song’ is like a hymn to the human side of creativity acknowledging the highs and lows associated with success and failure.

I am a maker, a builder, a baker, although sometimes my messes are all that you’ll find. I’ll tell a story, both true and allegory. Oh the process is precious, though it takes up all my time.

Across twelve well-crafted songs, the tight musicianship and songwriting skills of Sparrow and Keith J Smith lead the listener on a journey through gypsy jazz, European swing, and Americana. And, as well as the difficult subjects contained within, the healing and renewing power of nature is explored in ‘Strength of Water’. ‘Duelling with the Demons’ gives a listener a swing based tongue in cheek look at insomnia and ‘Those Wheels Roll’ looks at the comparisons between travelling musicians and old-time hobos riding the rails.

‘Autumn of the World’ is a record that like its seasonal namesake is about the passing of events and time. It maturely tackles difficult subjects through beautiful writing combined with intricate musicianship that much like the harvest season contains many golden and colourful moments that burn brightly.

‘Autumn of The World’ is released on 31st May 2019 and The Resonant Rogues will tour the UK in support of the record in July. Details all of tour dates are available on their website.