Vortex – Tim Woods

'Vortex' is the latest album from exception blues guitarist and vocalist Tim Woods, a record inspired by musical greats and natural beauty.


Tim Woods

  • Blues
  • Progressive
  • Rock

  1. Ready
  2. Some Of Your Love
  3. Vortex
  4. Sometimes
  5. Sage
  6. I Don't Know Yet
  7. Take Me Away
  8. Destination Unknown
  9. This Mess
  10. Water Is Life

‘Vortex’ is the third solo album by blues-rock guitarist Tim Woods. Embracing influences such as soul, blues, and progressive rock the ten songs are inspired by a visit to Sedona, Arizona, and the natural landscapes he explored.

The veteran guitarist and vocalist has been playing music for more than three decades both solo and in various bands including The Woods Family band alongside his sons Derek and Ryan. In 2012, his music and contribution to the blues were recognised when he was inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame.

The brooding opener ‘Ready’ sets up the tone of the album and quickly establishes Wood’s credentials and both a songwriter and guitarist. His lyrics flow over a mesmerising rhythm while his guitar solos are fluid and passionate. Swiftly switching genres, ‘Some Of Your Love’ is a funky soul-inspired song that even James Brown would have been proud of showing the versatility of Wood’s playing.

The country-rock style of ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Destination’ harken back to the sounds of The Allman Brothers Band with a mix of acoustic and electric and infectious foot-stomping melodies.

There’s a steer into progressive rock with the title track ‘Vortex’, a song in which Woods expresses his feeling of awe at the natural beauty of the landscapes of Arizona. Sticking with the progressive theme, ‘Sage’ is a moody instrumental that is full of swirling keyboards and soaring guitars.

Rounding out the album, ‘Water Is Life’ is a slow-burning psychedelic tribute to the natural world that inspires the listener to look after it and save it for the next generation.

An exceptional guitarist, Tim Woods stretches his playing to the limit on ‘Vortex’. Taking inspiration from the sound of classic bands such as The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, and The Allman Brothers Band, he mixes these influences together into a contemporary sound that’s both refreshing and respectful.