Waiting Out The Storm – Jeremy Ivey

Jeremy Ivey's 'Waiting Out The Storm' is a record of social commentary with a retro sound harking back to the golden age of the protest singer.

Waiting Out The Storm

Jeremy Ivey

  • Rock
  • Americana
  • Alternative

  1. Tomorrow People [Explicit]
  2. Paradise Alley
  3. Movies
  4. Hands Down In Your Pockets [Explicit]
  5. White Shadow
  6. Things Could Get Much Worse
  7. Someone Else's Problem
  8. Loser Town
  9. What's The Matter Esther
  10. How It Has To Be

‘Waiting Out The Storm’ is Jeremy Ivey’s second release in as many years. Co-writen and produced by frequent collaborator and wife, Margo Price, ‘Waiting Out The Storm’ explores contemporary social and political themes using melodic guitar based country rock.

The driving rocker ‘Tomorrow People’ finds Ivey questioning the promise of happiness behind must-have technology and if it has raised the future of humanity above the prejudices of today. The dreamy ‘Movies’ deals with the difficult subject of PTSD, while ‘White Shadow’ is a stinging rebuke of the Trump administration and the divisions it has caused across America.

The album has a great “live in the studio” feel to it as Ivey emulates the sound of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, mixed with the Beatles or Crosby Stills and Nash. The production is excellent and the retro sounds tie Ivey’s articulate and empathetic songs to the classic protest era of the 1960s and 1970s.

The sprawling and deep ‘Someone Else’s Problem’ is a personal highlight on the record. A brooding seven-minute epic that’s full of social commentary, it bites deep into the hypocrisy of modern society as it covers subjects as diverse as climate change, poverty, immigration and religious intolerance.

Released into an uncertain world, ‘Waiting Out The Storm’ is full of universal and timeless themes, curated by a songwriter with a social conscience and a desire to change things for the better.