Wild Kingdom – Hot Club of Cowtown

Celebrating a quarter of a century in the music business with 'Wild Kingdom', Hot Club of Cowtown show no sign of easing up.

Wild Kingdom

Hot Club of Cowtown

  • Americana
  • Jazz
  • Swing

  1. My Candy
  2. Last Call
  3. Near Mrs
  4. Three Little Words
  5. Billy The Kid
  6. Tall Tall Ship
  7. Rodeo Blues
  8. Ways Of Escape
  9. Loch Lomond
  10. High Upon The Mountain
  11. Easy Money
  12. Before The Time Of Men
  13. How High The Moon

‘Wild Kingdom’ is the 11th album by Americana jazz swing band Hot Club of Cowton. Since their founding twenty five years ago the band has been mixing the genres of Americana, Jazz and swing to great effect, and with ‘Wild Kingdom’ they continue that trend with eleven original songs alongside three covers.

Early highlights include ‘My Candy’ with its fiddle driven swing and the jazzy bass groove of ‘Billy the Kid’.  The bluegrass inspired ‘High Upon the Mountain’ and ‘Tall Tall Ship’ with their rthymn and harmonies hark back to the era of The Carter family.

What is clear from listening to ‘Wild Kingdom’ is not only do the band emulate the music of their jazz and Americana heroes; they have also had a big impact on contemporary music too.  Recent works by Pokey Lafarge and Bill & The Bells are perfect examples of this.

Of the three covers on the album, the jazz guitar work on the dreamy ‘How High the Moon’ is simply sublime.  The traditional Scottish ballad. ‘Loch Lomond’, presented here in a jaunty fusion of American and swing to wonderful effect. And, the last of three covers, ‘Three Little Words’ features tight three part harmonies in a version that could have been lifted straight out of a 1930’s recording studio.

Showing no signs of fatigue as they celebrate a quarter of a century together, ‘Wild Kingdom’ is beautiful body of work from start to finish.  Its bright airy and perfectly executed songs and music are uplifting and joyous.  Positively dripping with charm ‘Wild Kingdom’ is guaranteed to warm your soul.