It’s been a funny old year at Folk and Tumble. We never made it Blissfields, Victorious or any of our other favourite festivals. We did discover some great tunes from new acts and brought you way more in the way of playlists, video features and stuff like that. I guess, in 2015, we let the music do the talking. The scene here in my hometown of Belfast was strong as ever with some fantastic shows from Open House Festival, The Real Music Club and EastSide Arts Festival and of course some more of our top 50 records of the year.

31. Marika Hackman – We Slept At Last
A stunning yet subtle work of understated melody and melancholic poetry. A continuation in Hackman’s diverse progression.

32. Dawes – All Your Favourite Bands
Safe and comforting folk touches on a solid indie-pop record full of promise from Bright Eyes’ label mates and touring companions.

33. Stornoway – Bonxie
Bird calls and beautiful melodic charm, written in a camper band and given a lavish overhaul by Pixies producer Gil Norton.

34. Lord Huron – Strange Trails
A love of nature and a love of love itself are the core themes to this rootsy effort from Lord Huron. One for Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver fans.

35. The Orphan Brigade – Soundtrack To A Ghost Story
A real favourite of Folk and Tumble’s most poetic of reviews, check out Julie Williams-Nash’s thoughts on this stunning, spooky soundscape.

36. Findlay Napier – VIP: Very Interesting Persons
A record of stories of interesting folk featuring the interesting in itself collaboration between Napier and Boo Hewerdine.

37. Kurt Vile B’Lieve I’m Goin’ Down
Something of a dark and stormy album, we see Vile at his creative peak, dabbling in new sounds and ideas to great effect.

38. Great Lake Swimmers – A Forest Of Arms
Not a record to change the world but a solid effort full of beautifully written folksy charm and recorded in a Canadian cave complex.

39. Beirut – No No No
Tender tales of the complexities of love and life with a more polished sheen than Beirut of old. Twenty nine minutes of lo-fi indie pop.

40. India Electric Co. – The Girl I Left Behind Me
Much like it’s neighbour in the list, this is a short and sweet record of well crafted, folk inspired pop songs. Beirut-like is a compliment.

Half-way through our Top 50 from 21-30.
Who rounds off the list in places 41-50?