Inside Out in Belfast

The 'Inside Out' event in Belfast this August aims to promote local music and is run in partnership with the Oh Yeah Music Centre and Belfast City Council.

“Inside Out You’re Turning Me…”

Arts, music and councils make for unlikely bedfellows at times but in recent years we’ve had Belfast Music Weeks, installations of old battered pianos around the city and all sorts of other initiatives and this month sees the start of ‘Inside Out’, a series of live, unplugged shows taking place in the city centre.

Get down to Arthur Square, that’s Cornmarket where the bandstand used to be for those of a certain age, and catch some great folk, Americana, blues, jazz, and bluegrass for free. The gigs are every Thursday on your way between work and the pub and at lunchtime and mid-afternoon on Saturdays kicking off tomorrow with the sweet Americana sounds of Master and Dog.

Master & Dog14 Aug 20145.30pm
Zarah Fleming16 Aug 20141.00pm
The HardChargers16 Aug 20143.00pm
Wookalily21 Aug 20145.30pm
Silences23 Aug 20141.00pm
Linley Hamilton23 Aug 20143.00pm
Sons of Caliber28 Aug 20145.30pm
Emerald Armada30 Aug 20141.00pm