Malojian make a movie

They've been holed up in the studio with legendary producer Steve Albini making a new album, but there's been fun and games on the road too for Malojian.

It’s not every day a band gets to work with a legendary producer like Steve Albini, and yet that’s exactly what Malojian did with the recording of their upcoming album ‘This Is Nowhere’. It’s the sort of experience you’re going to want to document and well, that’ exactly what the Northern Irish band has done.

They brought along Belfast-based filmmaker Colm Laverty and put together ‘Document’, a film that looks set to be packed with great tunes, well-spun stories and all that dry Irish wit you’d expect if you’ve heard the band’s previous work.

The film is due for release soon, followed by the album on 7th October 2016. Once, you’re done here, you can head over to and pre-order a rather lovely looking limited edition red gatefold vinyl, hand numbered by the band, packed with musical wonder and guided by the deft hand of Albini.

In the meantime, check out the short trailer for ‘Document’ below.