Wolves – Alexa Wilding

In 2013, Alexa Wilding's life was turned upside down but from that despair came a surprisingly upbeat, honest and beautiful record. Check out 'Wolves' EP.

New York songwriter Alexa Wilding released her EP ‘Wolves’ on 8th July. Now you can enjoy the accompanying video. Production credits go to Tom Beaujour (Nada Surf) and Julianna Hatfield (The Mountain Goats). The real star though is Wilding herself. She’s moved on from the dreamy celestial folk of her eponymous 2009 record and 2012’s ‘Coral Dust’.

The six tracks talk openly of life before motherhood, written in the most difficult of circumstances. Alexa Wilding’s world turned upside down with the announcement that one of her one-year-old twins had brain cancer. Yet, those sleepless nights with a toy piano beside a hospital bed have created something upbeat and beautiful.

Head over to the Alexa Wilding website for more information and to get your hands on the ‘Wolves’ EP.