Left for America – Ciaran Lavery

Ciaran Lavery unveils the stunning new video for 'Left for America'; the debut track from 'Kosher'. The new record will be available from 19th June 2014.

Monday mornings. They’re the tepid tea in the bottom of the cup you’d half forgotten; they’re the empty beer bottle lying on its side with an askew view of the weekend; they’re the incessant drip of leaking rain splashing on your best work trousers from the cracked sunroof sealant as you sit in traffic jams on the motorway. Sometimes you’d just love to swap that M1 for Route 66, drop the top down, let the wind blow back your hair and leave for America. Other days you just have to let music do the talking.

‘Left for America’ is another astoundingly effortless sounding tune from the pen of Craigavon man Ciaran Lavery with the accompanying video ticking every box of every current trend. It’s all beards, tattoos and dance moves with the kind of sparseness and colour palette that’s making the likes of True Detective and Hinterland among the hottest things on your television these days.

While Johnny Cash was renowned for his trademark train-like guitar sound, you instantly recognise the easy ride of a Ciaran Lavery song. It’s less thundering steel and steam and more freeway cruising Cadillac. The man is still firmly rooted in Northern Ireland, the song is ‘Left for America’ and there’s a whole album worth of material following in the wake.

‘Kosher’, the new EP from Ciaran Lavery will be independently released on 19th June 2014 with a special release party as part of Open House Festival. Check their website for more information and grab some tickets.