Courting The Squall – Guy Garvey

Known for his songwriting with Elbow, 'Courting The Squall', released on 30th October marks Guy Garvey's first solo effort. Here's the title track from the LP.

It really doesn’t feel like almost twenty five years that Guy Garvey has been making sumptuous tunes of love and friendship and Northern longing with Elbow. And yet, the music is warm and familiar and feel like it’s always been there. His upcoming release is ‘Courting The Squall’, set for release on 30th October 2015. It sees Garvey explore his music in a way not always offered by the Elbow experience. With a band drafted from his “favourite musicians outside Elbow” and a list of influences ranging from 70s Bowie to the Manchester baggy scene via Tom Waits, it looks set to be a favourite on our stereos at least. Speaking of Tom Waits, this lead track features Guy Garvey at his poetic best, minimal instrumentation and a mere hint at what more we can expect when ‘Courting The Squall’ is released later this month.