Family – Joe Banfi

Joe Banfi is an exceptionally talented songwriter from the UK. Folk and Tumble caught up with him supporting Bear's Den in support of his record 'Nomads'.

We recently caught up with one of the UK’s top new songwriters Joe Banfi after a fairly intimate show in a basement bar in Belfast. A fairly dapper gent with an astonishing voice and good natured charm, he easily persuaded us to pick up a copy of his latest EP ‘Nomads’.

It’s a beautiful record which reflects Banfi’s stage presence, part wistful folk meandering off into little reminisces of mid 90s grunge. It’s a truly great collection of songs.

Some records are best left alone but others can definitely be aided by electro blips and sparse arrangements of a Foreign Fields remix. Here we have Joe Banfi’s ‘Family’ remixed by the Wisconsin based electro-folk outfit. Strange and beautiful!

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