Bonfire – Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band play 'Bonfire' in the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR. Folk and Tumble bring you this track on bonfire night in NI.

Who is Josh Ritter?

Josh Ritter is one of the world’s top Americana songwriters as well as being a great author, guitarist and vocalist for the Royal City Band. He’s known for writing a narrative lyric, in the style of Springsteen or Tom Petty before him. At Folk and Tumble we’ve chosen to treat you to an acoustic version of ‘Bonfire’ as it’s bonfire night here in Belfast.

I want to hear more.

There are many Josh Ritter albums out there both live and studio offerings. The original version of ‘Bonfire’ features on his 2013 record ‘The Beast In Its Tracks’ but your friendly Folk and Tumble editor will always choose ‘The Animal Years’ as his favourite Ritter record.