Some Thick Illusion – Pop Cautious

Pop Cautious is a record label but also a way of life and the performing name of Texan Tyler Porterfield, whose 'Some Thick Illusion' is our song of the day.

Towards the end of last week we brought you news of new music from Villagers and if that’s your thing then you’ll love the work of Pop Cautious. A singer, a record label, a musician and much more, you’ll be hearing great things from Texan Tyler Porterfield.

Music has been part of the Galveston native’s life through piano hymns heard with his grandmother, through the teenage rebellion of playing Blink 182 covers to the major degree in music theory at University of Texas in Austin, TX. It’s been an organic journey and the latest work includes musicians such a Seneca Pettee and Luke Strand from Seneca The River as well as The Mars Volta’s Adrián Terrazas-González.