Everyone Needs A Home – Tom Williams

Tom Williams releases 'Everyone Needs A Home', with unabashed anti-right-wing politics, soaring strings and Americana rock sensibilities. Listen to it here.

Once the captain of the good ship Tom Williams & The Boat, the English songwriter has decided to steer his latest record solo.

‘Everyone Needs A Home’ showcases the distinctive Tom Williams vocal, stellar songwriting and soaring strings. Written in December 2015, it’s an unabashed rallying cry against the ring-wing and xenophobic responses to the global refugee crisis.

The full horror of the refugee crisis was fully unfolded on all our screens. Friends of mine who run the charity, ‘The Worldwide Tribe’ were in ‘The Jungle’ handing out food, clothing and supplies. We were moving house ourselves and I was in a back room surrounded by boxes piled high all around me. The words are simultaneously aggressive but also defeatist. The song is plea for more, ‘We’ and less, ‘Me’.

Tom Williams

The single features on Williams’ upcoming fifth studio album due for release later in the year on Caroline International.