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Folk and Tumble album reviews of the latest studio and live record releases from folk, Americana, blues, and country artists across the world.

Featured image for Miles and Weather – Anthony Toner

Miles and Weather – Anthony Toner


2nd March 2015

'Miles and Weather' is the latest offering from one of Northern Ireland's most prolific songwriters Anthony Toner; a record full of warmth and tales from the road.

Cowgirl Boudoir – Kimmie Rhodes


2nd March 2015

A regular performer on Irish shores, Kimmie Rhodes will return to Belfast this spring and Gerry McNally has been checking out her new record 'Cowgirl Boudoir'.

Modern Blues – The Waterboys


9th February 2015

The Waterboys return with a new record and direction bereft of Celtic mythology and take it back to old-school music with a contemporary twist on 'Modern Blues'.

Gretchen Peters – Blackbirds


14th January 2015

Talented songwriter Gretchen Peters returns with a stark, edgier album in 2015 touching on themes ranging from war, nature and good old fashioned heartbreak.

Tending The Blues – Mark Braidner


17th December 2014

Mark Braidner releases 'Tending The Blues', playing to his strengths as a fine vocalist and guitarist with influences from Rory Gallagher to Led Zeppelin.

If The Roses Don’t Kill Us – Christopher Denny


10th December 2014

Seven years have passed since Christopher Denny's 2007 record 'Age Old Hunger' and 'If The Roses Don't Kill Us'. Paul McAnallen asks if it's been worth the wait.

Featured image for Walking Down The Line – Anthony Toner

Walking Down The Line – Anthony Toner


20th November 2014

Belfast songwriter Anthony Toner releases a career retrospective covering five albums worth of original material entitled 'Walking Down The Line'. Available now.

The Latter Day Sinner – Matt McGinn


13th November 2014

Matt McGinn colludes with a host of musical talent on his second full length record 'Latter Day Sinner' with collaborations from Madeleine Slate and Anthony Toner.

Southpaw Ninos – Meb Jon Sol


4th November 2014

Meb Jon Sol might be closest to Springsteen that the Northern Irish town of Omagh has produced. Julie Williams-Nash checks out his debut 'Southpaw Ninos'.