‘Don’t Make Me Go To Town’ is the latest release from County Down singer/songwriter Brigid O’Neill and follows on from last year’s successful EP ‘Arrivals and Departures’.

Soulful clarinet and hypnotic percussion lead us into a slow moody jazz tune filled with double bass and drifting guitar that allows Brigid’s vocal to rise high above the music like jazz queen of old.

The lyrics are short, sharp and clever. The song is all about non-conformity and the effort required by the individual in the song to attempt to fit in. It is clever in the way that its message is delivered across various word plays, yet is simple enough to be picked up on from the start.

Don’t make me go to town, I’d have to put on clothes, put powder on my nose. Don’t make me got to Town.

Produced at Millbank Studios by Michael Mormecha the tone on the single is perfect. Soulful with a hint of sadness, yet not mournful. Mormecha also plays percussion on the single and the beautiful clarinet that features strongly throughout is played by Andrew Thompsom. The band is rounded out by brothers Joe McGurgan on bass and John McGurgan on guitar.

A thoughtful and soulful release that has a classic jazz club sound to it. We look forward to hearing what Brigid does next.