The Get ahead is a Portland Oregon based band, heavily influenced by soul music; an influence that instantly leaps out of their newest record ‘Deepest Light’ and demands the attention of the listener.

Across eleven tracks three-part vocal harmonies rise and fall across melodic songs such as ‘Faint Outline’, ‘Break’ and ‘I Want It Back’. However, where the music really stands out is on the Americana infused tracks ‘July Moon’ and ‘Paper Tiger’ where the violin skills of Angie Johnson add a new dimension to the Americana-soul infusion. 

Proving their diverse abilities there are hints of ‘Some Girls’ era Rolling Stones in the catchy title track ‘Deepest Light’ while ‘Leave Me’ mixes a Latino beat with heavy rhythm guitar and melodic sax to produce a hypnotic earworm.

Lead singer Nathan Earle’s vocals on‘Paper Tiger’ show that he could comfortably front a rock bank.  By far the heaviest track on the record, it features the band’s trademark sweeping harmonies backed up with a driving beat and distorted guitar hook. 

Using age-old themes of relationships, love, and loss the band has managed to capture the feeling of the music of Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin and brewed it up with the grittiness of The Allman Brothers and The Black Crowes to produce a soulful record that entertains and delights in equal measure.

‘Deepest Light’ is available now on Jullian Records.