You might not know the name but if you’ve been to more than a few shows in Northern Ireland or even around the UK and are a regular reader of Folk and Tumble, you might just recognise the face and the voice of Brash Isaac.

Andrew Cameron is the man behind the Brash Isaac persona. He’s moved from behind the kit to behind the mic, in much the same vein as fellow countryman Mike Mormecha, but the songs bear all the hallmarks of the more earnest, confessional songwriter. Think David C Clements or a six-string wielding Rams’ Pocket Radio and you’re close.

Between June and October 2016, Brash Isaac, will release three mini-EPs and far from being a one-trick pony, he’s promised everything from contemplative folk through to some full-band epic rock. The latest EP ‘In The Dark’ is available now. Expect to hear much more from Brash Isaac this year.