You may have seen him on various stages about Belfast but now it is time to look at the facts behind the face. Callum Stewart is the 17-year-old acoustic guitar wonderkid from Magherafelt gradually paving his way to brighter horizons. He’s part of the new wave of young singer-songwriters emerging from our waters and is one example of a hard-working generation in Northern Irish music.

Somehow, when he isn’t studying, he has managed to gather up a respectable musical portfolio for himself including airplay on BBC Radio Ulster’s ‘Across The Line’, appearing on ‘Balcony TV’ Dublin and supporting beloved local bands such as More Than Conquerors and New Ancestors.

His debut single, ‘Free’, is so emotionally charged and captivating that it helps to pass the time waiting for an EP yet leaves us hungry for it. Without putting too much weight on his shoulders, this must be an indication of greater things to come as he continues to prosper as a musician. Saying that, I think he has given it a darn good go so far.