The 6th October 2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of the late David McWilliams’s hit ‘The Days Of Pearly Spencer’. To mark the occasion a new version of the song will be released by David’s daughter Mandy Bingham.

Mandy along with her guitarist husband Graham has been quietly developing her own musical career over the last few years. Having released her acclaimed debut EP ‘Vol 1’ in 2015, her new album ‘Bury Me Deep’ is scheduled for release in Autumn 2017.

Rather than just record another cover version of her father’s most famous song Mandy has cleverly re-imagined the tune by turning it into a delicious folk noir tale in which the listener can almost see and taste the tenements and dirty streets mentioned in the songs captivating lyrics.

This new organic version broods along to a much slower tempo and includes the mournful sound of the Arco String Quartet and some haunting harmonies provided by Mandy’s daughter Lola making it a completely unique version of a well-covered classic song.

It might just be the case that after cover versions by Marc Almond and Brian Houston the song, taken back into the family fold has finally been served up in its final and definitive version.

The recording was filmed and you can check out the official video below: