‘Speakeasy Polka’ is the latest single from The Sandrunners and it is simply a creation of solemn beauty.

The song spins a film noire type tale as it delves into shady bars full of “dancing girls with low cut tops” full of “wicked and cruel women” trying to catch the eye the angst ridden anti hero who for his own cynical reasons has shut out everyone.

I don’t want anyone to help me, I don’t want anyone to see, I don’t want anyone to love me, won’t you please just let me be.

Listening to the song progress we get a sense of old Humphrey Bogart films shown on BBC2 on Saturday afternoons during our childhood years.

We can almost smell the smoke filled atmosphere of the bar as our imagination gets stirred up and cries out wanting to know more of the back story of this lost loner.

Musically there’s everything we’ve come to love and expect from this band. Intricate and subtle guitar harmonies mixed with delicious double bass and swirling accordion give the song a strong Mediterranean/North African feel.

Clocking in at a massive five minutes and eighteen seconds and giving to consideration the subject matter contained within the song it isn’t going to a massive commercial hit for the band, but we have to applaud their courage for making the music that they want to make and doing it so well.