Singer–songwriter Una Clarkin will release her new single ‘Marianne’ in March with a special launch show taking place at this year’s Belfast Nashville Songwriters’ Festival.

Born from musings on a dark winter’s night, ‘Marianne’ is a tip of the hat to the two late great music legends, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen. Upon making a heartfelt public statement regarding the loss of these two musical icons, Una received a set of beautiful lyrics from lyricist and author, Jim Johnston, clearly showing that she was not the only person deeply affected by their deaths. With the help of these lyrics and using references to the great works of Bowie and Cohen, ‘Marianne’ was born.

I’m your Marianne, with the red shoes on, right here in your orbit where the stardust falls.

Folk and Tumble are delighted to premiere the video for ‘Marianne’.

Timed to celebrate International Women’s Day, Una will perform alongside fellow songwriters Brigid O’Neill and Ciara O’Neill at the Belnash Festival on Friday 8th March 2019. Special guest on the evening will be Matt McGinn who produced ‘Marianne’.

Tickets available now via Belfast Nashville Songwriters’ Festival.